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Battery recycling

From 26 September 2008, each battery retailer must:

• be registered with their local authority, unless they only sell portable batteries (e.g. AAA, AA, etc)

• provide a free in-store take back of batteries of equivalent type to the ones they sell (e.g. retailers who only sell portable batteries do not take back automotive or industrial batteries);

• ensure that any waste collected is delivered to an approved collection facility;

• ensure that the storage and transport of waste batteries collected meets the requirements of the regulations.

• ensure that private households are informed of the waste battery take back facilities available to them and that they are encouraged to participate in the separate collection of waste batteries.

The first step in ensuring you are meeting your obligations, if you sell automotive or industrial batteries is to register with Clare County Council

If you are already registered with Clare County Council for compliance with the WEEE Regulations, you are automatically on batteries retailer register.

Retailers who do not sell electrical and electronic equipment, automotive and/or industrial batteries (e.g. the only type of batteries sold are portable such as AAA, AA, etc) are exempted from registration.

Retailer Take-back

All retailers, regardless of whether they are obliged to register with a local authority or not, are required to take back Waste batteries from members of the public free of charge.

Take back is on a one-for-zero basis. This means members of the public are not obliged to make a purchase when depositing waste batteries at a retail outlet.

They can, however, only deposit batteries of a type, regardless of brand or where they brought them, sold by the retailer concerned. For example, you are not obligated to accept an automotive or industrial battery if the only type of batteries you sell is only portable ones (e.g. AAA, AA etc)

Page last reviewed: 15/05/15

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