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Village Paint Scheme

The purpose of this village paint scheme grant is to allow Clare County Council to contribute to local groups such as residents associations, tidy village groups and other community bodies in the pursuit of a visually upgraded built environment in villages.

Criteria for grant

The scheme requires the preparation of a works proposal and colour scheme, indicating the existing condition of buildings and listing in full the names of all property owners who have agreed to participate in the scheme.

A proposal will require that 75% of the buildings in the designated area participate in the scheme.

Amount of grant

Grant aid will be subject to the approval of Clare County Council.

The grant itself will be for materials only and will be in the order of 50% of  groups expenditure (maximum grant dependent on budget and number of successful applications)

Original receipts, addressed to the group, marked paid for approved items shall be submitted to the council before the 29th September. An individual member nominated by the group shall be responsible for such submission. All receipts submitted must relate to the current year. (Statements of expenditure are not acceptable)

Closing date for grant

Closing date for receipt of completed application form is 31st March.

Application form

Important information

Completed application forms should be forwarded to the:

Clare County Council,
Rural Development Directorate,
New Road,
Co. Clare.
Telephone:(065) 6846428

NB Emulsion based paint should never be used on structures with lime plaster as it is detrimental to the plaster. Lime based paint can be used safely on such structures. It is safe to use emulsion paint on concrete structures.If in doubt please contact Risteard Ua Croinin, Conservation Officer on (065) 6846307.

  1. Closing Date is 31st March 2017 for Receipt of Application
  2. On Receipt of Application, an acknowledgement by email or letter will issue
  3. Final Date for Submission of receipts is 29th September 2017
  4. For further information contact (065) 6846428

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 01/03/17